Mood journey

  • Skills Needed:
    Interctive installation / 3D animation
  • Credits:
    Concept and animation: Anya Shapira. Programming: Dieter Vandoren. Music and sound design: Yuri Yushtein.

This interactive installation uses viewer’s body movements as an input to affect an animation flow on screen. It combines the use of two different disciplines – interactivity and animation. This installation demonstrates that both disciplines can benefit from this integration. Interactivity can use certain qualities of animation to make content more appealing and interaction more interesting. The interactivity, on the other hand, helps the animation to turn passive viewer into an active participant, thus the old principles of animation take a new form.
This is my graduation project from Master Animation at AKV|St.Joost, Breda, The Netherlands. Here you can find thesis paper.

The goal was to demonstrate that animation could add another dimension to the interactive experience by triggering an emotional response. This, in turn, prompts the audience to further engage with the installation, creating a deeper bond with it. Some of the classic animation principals were analyzed in regard to their role in the context of interactive installation. The conclusions was that some of the classic animation principles can be used and can play their role in the context of interactive installation. However, they are not applied as literally as they are in the case of traditional animation.

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